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Improved Visibility for Disaster Response

Sight On Scene is a security mapping tool that allows school districts to very quickly and accurately create live-touch, interactive maps of their buildings to share with first responders, emergency personnel, and school employees in the case of an emergency. This revolutionary technology gives police, fire, and EMS a detailed visual of the structure they will be entering before they even arrive on the scene, and school staff are empowered with a visibility and communication tool to better protect themselves and their students during evacuation or "shelter in place" scenarios. 

DIY floorplan builder

Quickly and easily create floor plans for all of the buildings in your district. Drag-and-drop drawing tools and the ability to upload and trace a blueprint allow for accurate maps without the need for expensive CAD data or outside mapping services.

Camera integration

Add camera icons to your floor plans that will integrate directly into your existing security camera system to create a live, interactive view.  First responders can scroll through your available cameras to spot the location of the emergency.

Beacon tracking technology

Beacon tracking technology turns mobile devices using the SOS app into tracking beacons to monitor the location of first responders, school employees, and building visitors during an emergency. 

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Share your floorplans

Interactive floorplans saved within the app are available to participating first responders and school employees during an emergency situation, allowing emergency teams to pinpoint the location of the emergency while familiarizing themselves with the school layout.     


Access the Sight On Scene app from any device: Mobile phones, tablets, or laptops. The app is readily available for both Android and iOS devices in the Play and App stores. 

Panoramic Images

Add panoramic images to classrooms, locker rooms, closet space and more to provide first responders with a detailed visual of areas in your building that aren't equipped with security camera coverage.   

Chat Feature

An in-app chat feature allows first responders and school staff to communicate directly with one another, much like a text message. They can  initiate immediate communication to indicate safety status, location, & more.

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Sight On Scene allows school districts to upload their emergency response documents right into the app. When an emergency is declared, the proper document is automatically distributed to both first responders and school staff. 


School employees can set their app with escape routes customized to their teaching locations in the building. This feature provides snapshots from five security cameras on the predefined escape route to give users an advanced visual of their exit route before evacuation. 


SOS gives you the ability to  include local first responders in the development and coordination of your emergency drills. If and when an emergency occurs, both school staff and emergency responders will all be aware of the current emergency procedures. 



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